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The World Famous L.A. Vacuum Pumping System

Have you missed the memo on the latest rage. . .  large swollen pussy lips! These are the lower “love lips”… the labia and vulva. And this is just what everyone’s been looking for! Create the popular “Camel Toe” by using quality pussy cylinder and pumps!!!

These high quality pussy cylinders have three different sized cups that have been tailored for individual needs tapered toward the top to match the natural shape of your anatomy for maximum comfort. They have a dedicated safety air release valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. No further parts are required.

Through a strong vacuum, you can increase the amount of blood in your vaginal area. Through a regimented pumping schedule you can increase the size of your labia. Just think of it like you’re pumping up for sexual satisfaction! Due to different physical makeup’s you may need to adjust the cylinder so you can get a tight seal around your vaginal area. A high level of pressure will be required to get a good seal.




We know that penis pumps work, we’ve seen them used, we’ve seen adult films with penis pumping, and we are pretty confident based on the repeated recommendations from the medical community, that they’re beneficial as well. For any pumping experience, and those that are into suction play, for either gender we recommend the use of an L.A. Pump. These are the highest quality hand pumps with a strong piston utilizing vacuum power for the intake of air pressure. These guys also make a rosebud pump for puckered up anal lips which can help with prostate stimulation. That’s how good these guys are, offering a style of pump that you just don’t see every day. What makes the L.A. Pump extremely user friendly is that there are various sized attachments that is suitable for users individual and unique sizing. This means you will not be stuck with a cylinder that does not fit your individual size and more importantly allows non-pressurized air inside the cylinder. If non-pressured air enters the cylinder, the pump will not efficiently work and results that you are looking for will not be obtained. All L.A. pump cylinders are interchangeable that connect to the hand pump, meaning that you only need one pump and can use that with multiple cylinders.

The L.A. pump has female cylinders that are made exclusively for the breasts, clitoris and vagina. There are multiple sizes for each cylinder so you may pick the appropriate size for you. All L.A. cylinders are designed with a tapered top to allow swelling in the natural shape of your anatomy.




Pumping is one of the oldest methods of sexual play and enhancement and has been used for over a century. A cylinder that is fitted over a part of the body, with a manual or motorized pump is used to create suction. They create a partial vacuum around that specific body part, which allows for blood to be drawn into the organ, helping it to become engorged. As vacuum increases, the difference between the inner blood pressure and the pump pressure increases as well.

All pumps are not the same and to ensure results and comfort then it is recommended that a high quality vacuum system like the LA pumps should be used. These pumps with different cylinders may also be used to increase the size of the female clitoris, the vulva, nipples, breasts, and even testicles.

Pussy and clitoral pumps, usually described in this context as vacuum pumping systems such as the LA PUMP, are used for the elevation and increased sensitivity of sexual awareness and enjoyment of the female. Pussy pumps also increase the size of the lips of the labia giving the male the sensation of increased tightness during intercourse.




A personal lubricant of a type that is deemed not to be harmful to the ring material is used, primarily to make a good seal at the base of the pump to prevent air leakage, in the same way that vacuum grease is used with a laboratory vacuum pump. Water based lubricant is primarily recommended for this, as the rings for the end of a cylinder are usually made from silicone. It also makes it easier to slide the ring off the cylinder, and later to remove the ring. Pumping must be done very carefully to avoid serious injury: over-enthusiastic pumping can burst blood vessels and form blisters. Caution should be used whilst pumping to not over decompress the chamber as extreme misuse have resulted in severe injuries because the suction is far too powerful.

Pumps used with erection rings are virtually always effective, as they operate by a simple mechanical process, even when pharmaceutical methods fail. Pumps only give short term enlargement and like a bodybuilder when the organ is not pumped for an extended period of time the penis will revert back to its original size. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the L.A. pump has an ergonomic design and each cylinder is handcrafted from an almost unbreakable diamond cut transparent airplane window quality material. All cylinders are clear so users may see the results of the powerful vacuum action while pumping.

The L.A. pump comes in two hand pump options; one with a P.S.I meter to assist in gauging the air pressure and a trigger handle and the other with no P.S.I. gauge and a pump handle.




It is recommended that a pumper use the L.A. pump for approximately 10-15 minutes per session and repeating this activity 3-4 times a week.

After use, the cylinders should be cleaned with an antibacterial adult toy cleaner and stored dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials in order to preserve the transparency of the cylinder. Cleaning the cylinders or pumps in a dishwasher is not recommended.

Instant results are noticeable after pumping however; these results may diminish after a short period of time. Do not get discouraged over this; continue to use the L.A. pump on a regular routine to ensure results will be longer lasting. Do not strain yourself pumping daily for long periods of time because this may cause harm on the body including broken blood vessels and long term problems with the pumped area. Keep a positive mind set and over time you will witness results which you will be proud of. Do not use the L.A. pump on inflamed skin, areas that have existing rashes or inflammations as this may further aggravate your body.



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The material used is the same acrylic used in aircraft windows so is built to last and made in the USA.

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