How To Choose A Pussy Pump!

Fitting Choice

Choosing the right sexual aide can be difficult, the choices are endless and it all depends on the type of stimulation that you want, and a variety of other factors. When you buy a pussy pump, you want to ensure that you can enjoy using the pussy pump that you will see progress with what you’re trying to achieve and most of all that you are getting results from your pussy pumping sessions. Because let’s face it, buying any type of sexual aide can be confusing.

Whether you buy a pussy pump or a clitoral pump will be a matter of personal preference, if the thought of one type turns you on go straight for that. Most women will want to experiment with both types to see which type gives them the best thrill. So in that regard, purchasing a pussy pump might be the best option because it will provide you with stimulation to both the labia and the clitoris. Although, a polite word of warning, you shouldn’t walk in to the local female friendly adult store and start trying them out in the changing room. It’s frowned upon.

Your primary thought is size. Clit pumps typically come as one size fits all, or incorporate distinctive size chambers. Yet, for a vaginal pump you ought to measure up your vagina from mons pubis to perineum (base of the pubic shrub to the beginningof the piece of skin before the anus) to get a rough size guide. On the off chance that the suction cup you purchase is too huge it won’t be able to form a legitimate seal, or it will go over your ass and when you apply suction will pull at the delicate skin of your anus, which in most cases you’re not going to find is a pleasant experience in the slightest. In the event that it’s too little it won’t fit your entire vagina and the sensation will be diminished.

The other issue with a little cup is that all the air gets sucked out after only couple of pumps. In the event that all the air is gone, you’ve got nowhere else to go, so an undersized cup may not have sufficient suction and vacuum power for you in order to achieve the pussy pumping results that you’re looking for. With a cup that is too small, we can guarantee you right now that you’re not going to get the plumped up pussy results that you’re looking for, if that is the goal of your pussy pumping experience. A little cup may be incredible for beginners to determine if they’re going to like the sensations and increased sensitivity from the blood flow.But for people that are more experienced, or for individuals that want to work towards a plumper pussy, then you should opt for a bigger cup that still fits as opposed to a petite. What you’re looking for in this regard, is a large capacity cup that fits the area that you need it to.

The other principle thought is the material of the pussy pump. This toy won’t be going inside you, so you can relax a little in terms of materials and toxicity in contact with your inner vagina. A pussy pump sits on the outside of your body, and you can generally be a little more lax in this regard, because the only parts of the pump that will be touching your body are the silicone edges of the pump cup itself. Basically utilizing a pussy pump is similar to wearing a PVC or vinyl outfit.

That does not imply that you ought to treat them with any less care than inside sex toys. Pussy pumps still need to be cleaned and the cup needs to be regularly washed, both before and after use to prevent any bacteria build up. The cup itself is generally made of a plastic like material, and it will need to be cleaned with a toy cleaner to prevent the absorption of bacteria which can result in discoloration of the cup.

Sad Lady
Disappointed Woman

There’s no right pussy pump that you can buy. There’s higher quality pumps such as the LA pumping system, and they’re recommended because they have a large internal area so that they can get quite a decent suction as well as being available in three different sizes to cater to all body types. Whilst there might not be the right pussy pump to buy, there’s certainly the wrong ones to buy. Pumps that don’t fit, don’t have good connectors and are prone to breaking under the pressure are all poor pumps. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a vaginal pumping system, unless you’re serious about it. But by using a little common sense, looking at the materials used and the way it is made, you can be well on your way to getting the pussy pumping results that yours after.

Souxi’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

vaginal pump

I’m fairly private in my sexual activities, and I had no idea that other women were also into pumping their clit. I started when I found my BF’s penis pump; just wanted to experience the sensation of the vacuum pressure. Before I started I had a huge clit anyway (about 2 inches), and now after a few months my clit is 3 inches erect.

The penis pump was too wide to really play around with much, so I searched for what I might use. Let me tell you some 1 inch diameter clear flexible plastic tubing has become a favorite play toy. It’s long enough that I simply position over my clit (I don’t like including the hood as it inhibits the length I can suck my clit to) and I begin sucking the other end of the tube, using my tongue across the end to hold pressure. I can lay back and suck myself off like this for ages, gently reducing pressure, increasing, and feels soooo good when I quickly alternate, sucking it up and letting it retreat, and sucking it up….oh yeah! Bliss…and multiple orgasms!

Of course you’ve got a longer cleaning job to keep a long tube sterile, but I think it’s worth it.

My BF loves the size of my clit, he’s so turned on that he has a cocklet to suck and pull! At this length it’s easy to pull myself off with my fingers which is nice and handy when out and about. I usually duck into a rest room, off with the panties, and jerk off…loads of cum, and its totally awesome watching my clit lurch, pulse and pump all by itself when I cum! A quick wipe of my inner thighs, panties still clean, and out into the street again like an innocent virgin ha!
Thanks to all here who have shared their stories and hints and photos, you’ve all inspired me, and of course I don’t feel so alone in my clit sucking and pumping pleasures.

I’ll submit some pics as soon as I get my hands on a camera. Gives my BF an instant roaring erection when he sees my stiff clit poking way out from my lips! Still doesn’t quite feel like I’ve reached the longest it can go, but 3 inches is plenty for me to enjoy at the moment. 

My only regret…I wish I’d have thought of this when I was a teen and had more time to play ;).  Well that’s it for my pussy pumping experience.

Pussy Pumps To Treat Anorgasmia!

Anorgasmia Symptoms

If you have ever felt that you had regular difficulty achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation, you may be suffering from a medical condition called Anorgasmia. This unfortunately is a problem affecting a noteworthy amount of women which has the potential in causing personal distress and even the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown. If you are satisfied with your ability to climax, then there’s no need for concern. If you’re suffering from a lack of orgasm or the intensity of your orgasms, talk to your doctor about Anorgasmia as this is a real medical concern.

Since the clitoris is full of nerve endings, and already sensitive to the touch, the use of a clitoral pump may help with Anorgasmia. By pumping and directing more blood flow into the clitoris, suffers may experience a clitoral orgasm. This is a natural way to possibly cure Anorgasmia and exercise the nerve endings found in the clitoris and vagina. The promotion of blood flow will actively help in the restoration of sensitivity and the ability to experience an orgasm.

Each orgasm, however brought upon, will vary in intensity, frequency and the amount of stimulation needed to trigger a climax. Some women do not consistently have orgasms with vaginal penetration alone. Some women must have clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. If you are bothered by the lack of orgasms you experience or the intensity in which they happen you may be suffering from sensitivity issues, relationship issues, emotional and psychological distress, depression and anxiety or simply an inability to relax.



The way an orgasm feels varies from woman to women and could even differ from sexual experiences, partners, between the lingerie that they wear and environments. Not every woman may have orgasms like they are portrayed in popular media and there is no need to have self-doubts upon yourself and performance.

In recent studies involving women in the US, only 29% of women state that they will always orgasm with their partner, 10% of women have answered that they’re never had an orgasm with 15% saying that they struggle to achieve climax the majority of the time.

Causes of anorgasmia are varied and range from physical to mental illnesses and difficulties. The condition is generally classified in the medical field as being of a psychiatric disorder. However, this is limiting in its definition as it can also be caused by such things as diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and genital mutilation. Further, it might be caused by surgery, pelvic trauma a hysterectomy, spinal cord injury.

The use of anti-depressants might also cause anorgasmia in both men and women, specifically with SSRI’s or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Studies vary but the reports state that anywhere between 17 and 41 percent of users of such drugs will experience some form of sexual dysfunction.

There are four different types of Anorgasmia which may be temporary or lifelong:


Lifelong Anorgasmia:

is when a woman has never experienced an orgasm before. This is also known as primary anorgasmia. This is significantly more prevalent in women, though it can happen with men with underlying medical issues. Women who suffer from this form of anorgasmia might have it accompanied by an abnormally low level of sex drive and sexual excitement. Vascular engorgement is limited and sufferers might also experience high levels of frustration, increasing restlessness or even pelvic pain. Some researchers also believe that a lifelong or primary anorgasmia might be the result of an unusually harsh, or repressed, upbringing which has taught an individual that they are not supposed to enjoy sexual activity and that sexual activity is not a cause of pleasure.


Acquired Anorgasmia:-

Is when a woman use to have orgasms, but now have difficulty reaching an orgasm. One who knows their body well would know when they are suffering from acquired Anorgasmia, because they have previously achieved orgasm at least once in their lifetime. This is also known as secondary anorgasmia. Causes of secondary anorgasmia might be related to drug or alcohol abuse, depression and grief, pelvic surgery, or even as the psychological effects of rape.


Situational Anorgasmia:-

Means you are able to achieve orgasm only during particular situations. Situational might entail that an individual will orgasm from one sexual partner, but not the other, or will find that they are only responsive to specific forms of stimulation. These are all common variations of human sexuality, and are normally not considered to be problematic. Women who say they can only achieve orgasm by their clitoris or only when they have vaginal insertion may suffer from situational Anorgasmia. It is noted that most women cannot reach orgasm though vaginal penetration alone. These ladies must have clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Lastly there is a generalized Anorgasmia where the lady is unable to orgasm in any situation or with any partner.

A clitoral pump is a device intended for ladies’ pleasure that is connected to the clitoris or labia to make suction and expand blood stream to the privates. This gadget gets from the male model, the penis pump, which showed up in the mid-1900s and is proposed for sexual improvement, or the treatment of sexual dysfunction and clitoral or labial rejuvenation often experienced after menopause.

A clitoral pump may be utilized on the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia (both minora and majora), and the whole genital region and, at times, the areolas. The clitoral pump, similar to the penis pump, may be utilized preceding, or amid, masturbation for the desired impact. The clitoral pump is not intended to be connected to the vaginal opening nor within the vagina, since it may bring about wounds.



The reasons to use a clitoral pump is not just confined to sexual joy purposes. Their utilization is frequently prescribed by doctors for treating female sexual issues joined with anorgasmia. Enhanced blood stream to the private parts may be attained to through standard use of the vacuum device.  This rejuvenation is a substitute to surgical procedures such as Labiaplasty etc.

What Is Pussy Pumping?

pumping technology

Female pumping is a sexual practice in which ladies participate in vacuum pumping their genitalia. The practice has now stretched out to different parts of the body and can be including the vacuum pumping of the breasts, nipples, clitoris, and labiaas well as any other body part that you’d like to apply it to. Suction containers and cylinders can be applied to virtually any part of the body, and in some cases even between people making for some interesting combinations and techniques.



Some people will find considerable pleasure through the act of pumping. Considering that men have been pumping up their penises for many years both in regards to providing sexual pleasure and in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, its little wonder that women have picked up the ball and started on the pumping trend themselves. There’s even the ancient Chinese act of cupping which has numerous health benefits which we will explore in another article on this website. Women’s pumping, for the most part provides new spotlights onto the body. Female sex and sexuality has long been regarded as a mystery in comparison to men. It was only in the past few decades where women have been allowed to openly embrace their sexuality without societal judgement. Vibrators and sexual aides are becoming accepted and less taboo, and Adult Stores are changing their looks and images in order to cater to the female clientele. With the stigma breaking down, women are becoming more interested in the idea of fetish and more obscure sexual practices and this is inclusive of pumping.

Throughout time, and since the advent of the internet whereby we can place content on the internet through articles and images there has been a surge in all things obscure and fetish like. Indeed, there are now adult films and sites specialising in all sorts of wonderful fetishes such as fat sex, cougar sex, and even more out there ones such as mechanophilia. This has included pumping, with a range of places now dedicated to pumped up labia’s, extra-large clitorises, and BDSM sites dedicated to pumping and suction play. Suction and pumping play is not something that everyone can understand, and as such is often considered to be one of the more unique sexual practices in the world in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily involve orgasm or ejaculation, but simply is an enhancement of sexual pleasure through the stimulation of the genitalia. This sees a lot of people receiving sexual gratification from the participation of such an activity, which is partially why it’s so popular.

Suction, and the use of vacuum pressure on the body is not something that is new. It has been found in ancient practices all over the world including China which has used cupping for the healing treatment of sore muscles and body aches and pains. In the early nineties, and perhaps even before that, we started to explore the benefits of female pumping. This is despite the first penis pump being developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Someone, somewhere had realised the pumps were working on men, so why not try it on themselves? From there, it exploded as people began to realise the benefits that clitoral pumping had. The most notable being that the extra blood flow which was being drawn into the genital tissues were bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to the nerves and thus helping them increase their sensitivity.



We know that the advantages of female pumping are clear, we know that the vacuum and suction increases blood flow and oxygen to the nerves of the genitals. This increased blood flow from the resulting vacuum activates the nerves and increases sensitivity, making it much easier for women who had previously had difficulty reaching orgasms to achieve an orgasm more often. Indeed, the utilization of vacuum pumps is being used with the treatment of anorgasmia and other women’s sexual dysfunction. Women who partake in the activity of pumping up their clitoris and or labia find that they’re receiving far greater stimulation and sensation than before as well as becoming more sexually aroused as they see and recognise the changes that are taking place. One of the main reasons as to this arousal is the centre of attention that has been placed onto the female.

By this we mean that research has suggested that women have a tendency to become more mentally and physically aroused when they realise that someone is aesthetically pleased by their genitals. There are men out there that absolutely love pumped up labia’s and will seemingly froth at the mouth at such an event. The arousal is increased through his both parties explicit pleasure.

The act of pumping is therefore something which can provide physical and mental pleasure to both parties. In much the same way as lingerie and erotic clothing works, excepting a pumped up labia and clitoris provides physical sensation and excitement as well as visual stimulation.

Despite all of this, care must be taken to not over pump the area which can result in pain and temporary numbing. In extreme cases pumping may disrupt blood vessels and cause bruising. It is important that any suction activity be done carefully and with patience. That’s not to say that you can’t take it to the extreme, there are some women which like to push their bodies and their capabilities to the very edge, and this is especially useful within BDSM and role play scenarios, but people that do this have an intuitive understanding of their bodies, know their limits and capabilities and don’t ever push too far beyond them.

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques

Clitoris Scale

Not only are there penis pumps and vaginal pumps but there’s also a range of clitoral pumps as well. Using a good quality vacuum pumping system can help in a size increase for your clitoris. The size increase has numerous benefits, firstly there are many people that find enlarged clitoris to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive, however the general approach with enlarged clitorises is that it can create all sorts of sensory thrills for you and your partner. Clitoral pumping, and female pumping, lends itself to all sorts of fun, exciting and intimate activities including gender bending and gender play, BDSM and medical scenes/roleplay as well as it being fun and cheeky for those who love the latest in sexual development and technology.

A clitoral pumping system will consist of a small clear cylinder around ¾” by 4” which will be attached to a flexible tube which is in turn connected to a powerful hand regulated and operated vacuum pump. Now this vacuum pump, through intense suction, will help in the promotion of blood flow by pulling blood into the clitoris and surrounding genitalia. As the clitoris, the clitoral hood, parts of the labia and vagina become engorged with blood you will see and feel the clitoris “grow” from being sucked into the clitoral chamber.


Some people will find that the resulting tugging sensation is enough to induce an orgasm, where some people will be reduced to writhing around in sustained pleasure. However, what is the point of clitoral pumping? Clitoral pumping varies between individuals in much the same way as other pumping fetishes do in terms of that there’s generally a myriad of reasons as to why they’d like to pump up a specific body part. For clitoral pumpers, they might be interested in an enlarged clitoris that is big enough for penetration, for others they might just enjoy the thrill of playing with a swollen engorged clitoris which is extremely sensitive during pumping play and pumping sessions. Other people might prefer the sensation that is applied to the clitoris after the pump has been removed. This intensity is not for everyone, and some people might find it to be too intense. Here are the basics on how to do it:

1.      Firstly you will need to prepare the area.

A clitoral pump will work best if the area has been warmed up with a damp cloth and warm water and good blood flow has been massaged into the area. For clitoral pumping, it does help to be in a state of arousal. With all this is mind it might be beneficial to have a bath and a shower first, as well as to shave any remaining pubic hair that you might have which could interfere with a seal.

2.      Use a thick water based lubricant.

Both around the clitoral region, and against the base of the cylinder to help create the perfect seal. Coating the clitoris and the inside of the cylinder at the same time to prevent chafing.

3.      Get a grip onto the cylinder.

You will need to be holding the cylinder tightly and snugly against your skin with one hand, and the hand pump will be placed in the other hand. Press gently down on the cylinder against the cylinder and slowly squeeze the pump so that you can create your seal. Once the suction has created the seal, you may let go of the cylinder.

4.      Go slowly.

Treat it like an experiment. Start off with the safety valve open slightly so you can feel some slight sucking sensations. Then try it with the valve closed, notice how each squeeze of the pump increases the vacuum pull on the clitoris and ultimately the surrounding tissue.  Pause after each squeeze and pump and see how it feels. Do not expect the clitoris to fill the entire chamber. Experiment with different pressures and pumping lengths to see how you go.

5.      Experience and enjoy the new level of sensations.

Stop pumping every now and then and just let yourself feel as to what’s happening and what’s going on. Spend a few minutes enjoying these sensations, or get your partner to provide some extra stimulation, letting them enjoy your enlarged clitoris in their mouth, with a vibrator, or even some light stroking.

6.      Do not over pump.

A little pumping will go a long way and over pumping can create issues. Now it won’t deaden the clitoris and make it fall off, but it can create bruises and other painful ailments. It is important that you do not over pump. If you’re finding yourself numb as opposed to being super sensitive, then you’ve probably over pumped. Make sure to do it less next time.

7.      Play around with your new equipment.

Some cylinders can actually have the tubing removed so that you can create a seal, and then remove the pump from the cylinder, leaving the cylinder attached to the body. From here the cylinder can be detached with the cylinders own quick release button. Play around with your new enlarged clit, you might choose to tug on it gently, tickle it with a stroking finger, or maybe put the enlarged clitoris in their mouth, with a clit vibrator. Might even be time to call in a friend for some extra stimulation as well.

8.      Go slowly.

Some pumpers will report small and permanent increases over time, however for the most part the swollen tissue of the clitoris and surrounding region  will slowly reside immediately after the removal of the pump and return all the way back to normal by the next day.

Some clitoral pumpers will enlarge the clit to the size of a small penis for penetrative play, or for oral sex. Throw the sensation of this with a tighter feeling vagina and you have a sensual recipe for amazing play.