How To Use A Pussy Pump!

pussy pumped

Pussy pumps. Even the way the name rolls off the tongue makes them seem a little outlandish. Seemingly an ostentatiously named women’s sexual device that only the most sexually deviant of women would purchase and use. It almost seems that a nymphomaniac and sexually charged women might seem to purchase them based on the imagery that is usually associated with such a sexual device. However, as with many of the sexual aides out there, the vaginal pump has a seemingly bad reputation with many people ignoring the benefits that they can actually provide. Indeed, there are many doctors around the world, as well as gynaecologists which will actively use and recommend these devices for their patients to treat a variety of sex related ailments. Pussy pumps offer advantages and benefits that only they can provide and which no other sexual aide can assist with.




Firstly, the use of a pussy pump can aid in women’s stimulation, and secondly, it can give a tighter sensation during sexual activity. An advantage that had previously been limited to costly cosmetic surgery such as vaginal rejuvenation. The pussy pump, like its revered cousin the penis pump can engorge the tissue surrounding the labia, clitoris and vagina and produce not only a larger look, but increase the level of blood flow in the surrounding tissue to make orgasms more achievable. This tissue expansion, as well as the increased blood flow is what is responsible for better orgasms, stronger orgasms and the ability to correct some sexual dysfunctions that normally occur in women. Further, the use of pussy pump can enhance for couples through vaginal penetrative intercourse for both the female, and her sexual partner. Meaning that you might use couples toys in the bedroom, but this particular toy is used before sex to enhance the rest of the evening. The possibilities are endless.

The art of pussy pumping does involve a strong suctioning of the desired area to promote enlargement and increased blood flow.  This is achieved with a suction cylinder and hand pump, which are found in all Adult Lifestyle Centres and other adult shops.

Before using a vaginal pump it is recommended that you speak to your doctor and or your gynaecologist to determine if you have any sensitivity issues. Especially if you are suffering from a condition such as secondary anorgasmia, any medical conditions affecting your libido, and your sexual pleasure, need to be ruled out before you can engage in this kind of sexual activity. The incorrect use of a vaginal or clitoral pump can cause harm and or damage.

Especially if you are experiencing any form of recurring pain, it is important to speak to your medical professional first. The engorgement of the vaginal tissue will increase sensitivity, and may result in you feeling the pain in a more pronounced fashion. Don’t take the chance, seek medical advice if you are experiencing any form of pain, and discomfort during sexual activity before turning to the use of a clitoral or vaginal pump.




From here you will need to trim, and or shave. The presence of hair can cause a disruption in the pumps ability to form a suction, and for the most ideal of situations, you will need to be able to find the best level of suction that you can. A thick water based lubricant, or the use of a thick Vaseline will ensure that you are able to get the best suction that you possibly can. Some of the suction cups will be made from a silicone material, if your chosen lubricant that you normally use is a silicone you might not be able to use the silicone lubricant this particular cup. Silicone lubricant is generally considered to be a very thin lubricant and is perfect for anal play and steel sex toys, but can’t be used with high quality silicone toys. So either way we will still be recommending the use of a thick water based lubricant as it will give you the best opportunity to create a good and solid suction.

To begin, it is important to get into a good comfortable position, preferably with your hips spread apart and the user on their backside. If you have a little trouble with the angling, then perhaps you could reposition yourself onto a pillow or two to help raise your hips. You don’t necessarily have to do this on a bed, you could position yourself to be next to a floor length mirror to help guide you into the correct position using the reflection. Achieving the initial suction could be a bit challenging at first and finding the correct size cylinder is of vital important. Cylinders that are too small will not cover the whole area and the desired results will not happen. Cylinders that are too large may reach your anus and suction the sensitive and delicate skin around the anus, which may cause discomfort.  In general the cylinder should be placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clit for maximum stimulation. An airtight seal is required to ensure maximum results.

The pussy pump is gently placed over the labia, and the resulting suction and vacuum that the device produces aids in the redirection of blood flow with the surrounding tissue. The resulting swelling that occurs can then improve the tissues sensations and experiences as well as provide increased sensitivity during such activities as cunnilingus and penetrative intercourse. The increased sensation as a result of the engorged feeling will make every tongue stroke during cunnilingus to be far more pronounced, imagine the feeling and sensation of light feather strokes dusting the vaginal entrance as opposed to using a piece of string. The sensations are just enhanced. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe, because most people are used to a particular kind of sensation, and now that you’ve engorged the surrounding tissue with the labia and vagina, then the sensation is going to be different. Stronger, and more pronounced. Kind of like the difference between engaging in sexual activity when you’re not quite feeling it but going along with the flow as opposed to when you’re highly aroused, in the mood and every single stroke feels like a wildfire of passion and pleasure.

Place the open end of the suction cup over the labia in order to create an air tight seal. You will need to make sure at this point of two things. Firstly that the quick release valve is working correctly, as well as the quick release valve is closed and not allowing any air to escape. Once this has been done, squeeze the bulb or handle, depending on the type of pump you are using. Pump until there is a light vacuum seal and you can feel that the skin is being stretched slightly. If you’re struggling to be able to find a seal, re-position the pump, and try again. If you’re still struggling to find a seal, make sure that your body is in an appropriate position so that all creases are relatively flat, and alternatively, ensure that you are pressing lightly down on the cup against the body.

During the first pump, ideally only squeeze the hand pump half way to ensure the positioning around the vagina and confirm the start of a light suction is happening. If not, keep manoeuvring the cylinder around until you get suction happening in the correct position. If needed, a light push on the cylinder towards the body may help create the initial suction. If you’re still having trouble after this, then you might to reapply a water-based lubricant or thick Vaseline along the seal of the cylinder which will help create/maintain suction.




Once the suction is properly maintained, users have reported both a sensual and unique feeling unobtainable by the traditional adult toy. Pumps therefore are a unique adult toy that are responsible for incredibly different sensations and are the perfect reason why you should immediately head to your local quality adult boutique store and get your hands one some. With each additional pump, users will start to feel the sensation of their Labia Minora (vaginal lips) being sucked and expanding with the suction. Using a pump is more intense than a partner performing oral sex because the sensation is spread over the entire area and not directed in one particular area. After the first few pumps, allow yourself to feel the clitoris get erect and feel the unique sensations that are only obtainable with a pussy pump. This should be very pleasurable due to the increased blood circulation and there shouldn’t be any pain associated with this process.

After the initial first experiences, more advanced pumpers may pump harder and at a faster pace to be taken to their limits. Once at your individual limit, release the air valve and let the pumped area intake with non-pressurised air. Ensure you release the air flow often and then start again. Repeating the process does feel pleasurable and you will not lose any of the pumped benefits you have achieved already with the previous pumps. Constant suction can be too much for these sensitive areas. It is advised to play around but to know your limits, while trying to expand more without causing harm or damage.

Each additional pump would feel more intense then the last, as it would be a similar experience with using a penis pump. Try holding each additional pump for 30 seconds to a minute for an intensely pleasurable sensation. Constant suction on the vagina or clit by multiple repeated hand pumps may cause discomfort or pain, but rest assured some users may enjoy the discomfort and pain. If you’ve ever used a penis pump on your partner, or you’re a male and have used a penis pump before, then it’s a very similar technique that you’re using between the two pumps. Realistically you’re going for similar effects. So remember to pump slowly, hold that in for a period of time, release the suction, and then continue

Users will experience a pumped up look after a prolonged amount of time pumping usually after the 30+ minute mark. With a standard pussy pump, you won’t get that dramatically huge look that you may see in porn, but you will notice a reasonable difference in size, at least double the usual size if you maintained the suction and were pumping for a while. This may bring you to the point of edging and help produce an orgasm.

If you’ve read the user manual, some products will describe and tell you to pump until the vacuum feels uncomfortable, this is incorrect. You should remain comfortable at all times. What you’re trying to do is promote blood flow into the vaginal area. Squeeze a few times until you can visibly see the skin swelling, and then hold that position for about 30 seconds or so. Once you have counted to 30, release the quick valve, and repeat.




After you have finished pumping, release the air flow valve releasing the pressurised air. This is now when you will experience the benefits of pussy pumping. The recently pumped areas are extremely sensitive to the touch and look visibly bigger. Try gently touching the pumped areas and notice the increased stimulation in that area compared to before pumping. Vaginal pumping has the potential to make women orgasm due to the increased blood flow and sensitivity brought upon using the pump. Be gentler than your usual technique because of how much more sensitive the pumped area is. The pumped area will appear larger for only a slight amount of time before returning to its original size. Don’t panic, there’s a lot of people out there who simply love plumped up and fat women.

If you desire a longer lasting, larger appearance, you will have to pump at regular intervals. Try pumping for a period of 15 minutes every 2-3 days until you get the desired size maintainable. It is like going to the gym to work out any muscle. Simply going to the gym and lifting any weight only once will not produce any desired results. It will take time and consistency; however, there will be a noticeable result over time.

After use, remove the cylinder from the connected air pump and properly rinse off using your favorite anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner.

  • Pumps will assist in engorging vaginal tissue for enhanced sensitivity and vaginal tightness
  • Pumps will require the use of lubrication to avoid discomfort and dryness.
  • Pumps can create discomfort or pain in women with pre-existing vaginal pain and discomfort issues.

Q: Can I Injure Myself Using Pumps?

A: Not likely, but if you do experience vaginal discomfort, pain or sensitivity issues, using a pump can exacerbate this situation.

Q: What If I Experience Clitoris Insensitivity, May I Use These Pumps?

A: Yes, these pumps can increase your sensitivity, and when combined with clitoral stimulation, can improve your sensation.