Nancy’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Erotica

Hi I’m Nancy and I’m 35 years of age, work a common place Mon-Fri job. I’m single, no children, and live in a little house in an average neighborhood. Nothing unique, that is without a doubt. I wouldn’t worry about living without anyone else. I appreciate the alone time. I do get a bit lonely sometimes, however that is the thing that friends with benefits and my favorite vibrators are for, correct? So the sex is good and it goes without the complications.

By and by, I have a great deal of sex toys. I don’t just use women’s vibrators as well. My ex used to have a variety of sex toys for men, and I’d get into his stash and try those as well. I am insatiable. Not that I get every one of them out and lay them in a line on the quaint little bed and use every single one until I’m exhausted. No, I like some more than others, and once in a while I’ll alternate one with another in case I’m fantasizing about fucking another person. I masturbate a lot and I always want to play with my pussy and delight myself. I imagine I’m getting fucked by two men and push a dildo up my pussy and ass at the same time. Talking dirty saying things like, “Fuck my pussy and ass! “Make me cum everywhere on those enormous dicks!”

I often fantasizing about yelling it so loud that everyone can hear when I’m jerking off. You can say anything you need to, or want to with me as there is nothing to dirty that I do not want to hear.


It was at long last Friday, and payday to boot. The week had simply appeared to drag along and I was looking forward to the time off. I didn’t have any arrangements,  I simply needed time off work to unwind. I went to the store and got my typical bottle of schnapps, and a few videos – perfect for a night in. For some reason, I simply loved gay porn. I just found it to be far more real than anything other type I watched. Maybe that’s why I am single. I am most  a home body, yet Friday’s were constantly perfect for me, particularly the first payday of the month when there were plenty of funds to play with.

I generally treated myself to something new. Indeed, this time I decided to get myself another sex toy. I didn’t need anything but I wanted something that would be an absolutely new experience for me. I generally buy or hire some porn from my local adult store, and use that as an excuse to look at all the new adult toys. I’ve always had an interest in the use pussy pumps and had checked out a few movies where they are used.  I can’t say that I thought it was normal that a pussy should swell up like that.  However it really intrigued me as to how it would feel.  Would if feel great, I wondered.

At the adult lifestyle center I went to they had a new line of pussy pumps.  The friendly consultant corrected me when I asked about them ‘Vacuum Enlargement Devices’s. I put it all on the line and purchased on anticipating testing it later that night. Arriving home I had a mischievous grin on my face anticipating unwrapping the bundle of joy later that night.  I couldn’t eimagine how huge and swollen my pussy would be when I finished with the pump. I have a pretty big vagina already and  was eager to see what it was going to look like when it was significantly more swollen and rubbing against my thighs,  Just the thought of it had me dribbling down my legs.

It was all too much for me so I filled the bath whilst pouring myself a glass of white wine.  On entering the bath I grabbed my shaver and ensured that my pussy and pussy lips were totally free from hair.  This allows for a better suction they had told me at the shop.  The shaving though turned me on and I could not help but run my fingers between my legs, touching my smooth vulva lips and lightly pinching my clit.  I came and drifted off in a wave of ectasy and came too from this  happy place when the bath water began to cool.

I got out from the bath and dried myself on my soft luxurious Egyptian cotton towel.  Once dry I went over to put my see-through negligee on and looked down to see the my dark areola perking up.  Really, I am very slutty and turn on so easily – deciding to not put on any panties but slipping on my strappy high heels.  I look in the mirror and was pleased to see what was before me.

I had a bit of a taste up from the wine and was ready to smash into the schnapps.  I get insane when I drink, more sexually than mentally and smiled as I thought the punishment I was going to put my vagina through.


drunk sex
kinky and drunk


Grabbing my now third drink I went to the bedroom and excitedly opened the wrapping that contained my pussy pump, reading the instructions. It says just 15 minutes of suction for the first time so I settled down and put on my favorite DVD of real men, the ones that know what they’re doing and they enjoy the flesh of younger women and men. The snobby ones, as well as the bull dyke sort, you know,  a man that knows how to take a cock but also can deal with tits and a pussy. It is a bisexual extravaganza and the first scene was of a bull dyke holding a young lady down while she ate her pussy.

“You like Mary’s tongue, don’t you, you horny bitch! You need to make your cunt juices to sprinkle everywhere all over me, huh?” She was said.

She had massive tits and pushed her immense areolas into the young ladies’ butt hole. “I’ll fuck your little ass with my tits, bitch! I’ll fuck your little bodyas my sex toy!” She cried out.

I downed whatever was left of my first schnapps, and made me another ready as a chaser. I could feel the warmth originating from the alcohol and my pussy was responding in  kind.  Imagining now a sweet young pussy in front of me ready for me to suck, lick and swallow.  Grabbing that bitch by the hair, it was all I could do not to play with myself.

I sat on the edge of the seat I was on, and put the pussy pump over my whole pussy mound. I began pumping the valve, and I could feel the suction pulling on every last bit of my fattening twat. I could see my pussy beginning to fill the clear perspex, there was a vibrator setting and I turned it on which sent rushes of delight all through my body. I continued pumping, and with every press of the valve, my pussy became larger and larger until it filled the cup. It was a blend of joy and torment, yet more joy. After a couple of minutes,released the pressure and removed the cup.  I was shocked how enormous my pussy had become.  I could not stop looking at it.

Massive vagina lips
Massive pussy lips

This self voyeurism had my juices flowing and I imagined what it would be like to take a huge cock into my now colossal vagina.  Wondering whether it would feel tighter for him and how it would be for me.  I began to tease myself by playing with my clit making me significantly wetter and turned on.

The scene changed and then some dyke was on TV, this time she had a tremendous dark dildo strapped on, fucking a young lady, and holding a vibrator to her clit. The young lady appeared as though she was going to cum any moment.

“Fuck that bitch!” I said.

Whilst watching I got up and began to rub my pussy on the arm of my sofa, crushing my clit into the harsh fiber, leaning forward I began pressing my tits, and twisting my nipples until they hurt.

“Fuck that bitch until she cums!”  I yelled.  The effects of the liquor were finally impacting upon me and I could feel any restraint that I had dissipating away as I poured my third tumbler or schnapps.

Breaking me from my filthy thoughts and actions I could hear yelling outside.  There was an argument going on and I looked outside my window and saw Justin and Amber, my neighbors having a fight in their front yard.  They were clearly drunk – and I was almost there too.  I could not help but fantasize about Amber, a golden haired beauty in her mid twenties with a bootylicious.

Watching them confirmed to me that I did not want to be in a relationship and that love generally always turned out to be a bitch with someone getting hurt.  I downed by third schnapps and poured myself another -going back to the window and seeing Justin jump in his car and take off, his wheels screeching and burning rubber.

I went back to my porn movie and the scene was of two ladies sucking each others cunts with massive tits.  I began jacking off, fingering myself in my enormous pussy lips, the sensation was more intense because of the engorgement and I began to yell out dirty talk in unison with the adult stars on the screen imagining that I was in a all girl threesome.  I was slamming my pussy with two fingers and my cunt juices were splashing all over my lounge but I did not care.  I just wanted to cum before grabbing my favorite huge black dildo.