How to Pump Up Your Sex Life

Sex Advice to Save Your Dwindling Romance

You have visited the best dating sites 2021 and found love, but there’s one problem; the sex is bland. Relationships aren’t always at their sexual peak; talk about pain, arousal, desire, and orgasmic disorders. Dry spells may be common in relationships, but that’s no consolation for anyone with an unfulfilling romance. From intimacy and stress relief to physical fitness and higher immunity, everyone needs sex. That’s why many couples consult a sex advice expert to jazz up their romance. This sex advice will improve your bedroom experience.

1. Communicate

Sex is a difficult topic for most couples. But dialogue is necessary advice for enhancing your sex life; there are many reasons you should communicate in bed. For starters, communication allows you to express your desire. Besides speech, you can respond to your partner through sighs, moans, and receptive body movements. Thanks to this sex advice for married and dating couples, you can express your fetishes without feeling judged.

Dialogue also increases sexual safety. For example, asking your partner whether they’re on birth control lets you plan pregnancies. One piece of sex advice for handling this sensitive topic is finding the perfect time to talk. While you can communicate your grievances during lovemaking, talking about intimacy in neutral settings ensures your partner doesn’t feel insecure about their abilities. Another piece of sex advice is being honest. For instance, faking orgasms build resentment more than it protects your spouse’s feelings.

2. Exercise

Weight loss, brain health, sleep enhancement; you name it, exercise promises numerous benefits. Working out is also essential sex advice. Physical activity makes you attractive, increasing your self-esteem and willingness to make love. Exercise also increases flexibility to help with different positions. Another reason why you should follow the sex advice of working out is to enhance performance. Apart from frequent intimate activities, exercise guarantees arousal, and satisfying orgasms.

Moreover, physical activity eliminates stress, which affects your libido. Start with cardiovascular workouts to actualize this sex advice for beginners. On top of raising your heart rate, activities like hiking, swimming, and jogging increase your sexual endurance. That goes hand in hand with core exercises. For instance, crunches strengthen your abs to provide balance. Don’t forget about the kegel exercises that focus on your pelvic floor. To perform this activity, stop urinating midstream and maintain the contraction for three seconds before releasing. You can repeat this exercise thrice, doing five sets daily.

3. Watch Your Mental Health

Although lovemaking relieves minimal stress, chronic levels could lower your libido. Unless you tackle the stressor, your low libido could continue for days, weeks, even months. A piece of sex advice for reducing anxiety is concentrating on physical sensations instead of performance.

Don’t forget to meditate. Besides fighting stress, mindfulness increases DHEA levels to boost your libido. Therapy is also good sex advice for seniors and younger couples. While individual counseling helps partners identify their stressors, relationship therapy allows intimate conversations without shame. If you have underlying mental conditions, the best sex advice is to take your medication and avoiding triggers. This goes together with sex advice like avoiding alcohol, telling your partner about your mental health, and finding a support group.

4. Experiment

A piece of sex advice to awaken a dead romance is experimentation. Not saying you should go to extremes.  Experimentation as sex advice means you should conduct bedroom matters differently. First off, create anticipation by writing your spouse erotic notes. You can also get in the mood with a sensual massage and steamy playlist.

Again, you can shower together and play strip horse afterward. Another piece of sex advice is creating a bucket list of the places you wish to get intimate. You could also do a position countdown. This sex advice involves changing bedroom positions every night as you approach a particular date, for example, your anniversary or partner’s birthday. Furthermore, invest in a dice game or create one with your significant other. Following this sex advice involves rolling the dice and doing what they tell you.


It all trickles down to sex advice in 3 words,Do the work.” The belief that lovemaking occurs naturally is false, especially if the relationship will last a lifetime. Ensure you have fun while at it. Do you have any sex advice during a pandemic? Share tips on how to fix your romance in the comments section.

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Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.