Pussy Pumping Testimonials!

Pussy Pump Testimonials

Read testimonials from women and couples that have introduced pussy pumps into their sexual foreplay.

I introduced my wife to pumping because I have been penis pumping for three years and she finally agreed. Now we are pumping buddies and we pump together every morning. I connect her to my pump and use a much lower pressure.

She is so wet when she wakes and can’t wait until we get hooked up. We pump for and hour and then I hook up her clit tube so she can wear it while doing her normal things. We are having a ball


I pump my clit at work. I love to pump my clit at work when everyone is around, but they don’t have a clue about what I am doing. My clit is over 1″ long nearly all the time. I pump 5-6 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time.

I sometimes pump in the car when driving to work or on trips. I love having a large clit, and my husband loves to “suck” my swollen clit until I get off. He can “jack me off” to orgasm by rubbing the skin up and down the shaft of my large clit.


When I first decided to purchase a pussy pump I was a little sceptical because of some of the reviews that I read. However upon opening the box it was obvious that it was a quality product like every other Doc Johnson product we have owned (the exact reason I purchased this one). Some of the problems that I read about with this product is that people said that the cup was too big, that it didn’t get suction unless you had some meat down there, and the hard plastic hurt their pubic bone while pumping. Our experience however was the complete opposite. I would consider my wife to be “fit” 5’7″ and 125 pounds and the cup fit fine and worked properly. It could have been a little smaller but since this is a one size fits most product, it is important to remember that it won’t fit everyone perfectly (not custom molded to each person). After applying a little lube around the edge of the cup we got excellent suction! Since it was our first time using this type of product we were sure to take our time so that it didn’t cause any discomfort both on her pubic bone and from the suction. We spent about 10 minutes playing with the pump, increasing the suction as we went to maximize pleasure and minimize discomfort. After a few minutes my wife could feel the effects of the pump turning her on. After we were done the results were amazing and it took her less than half of the time to climax. We were both pleasantly surprised for not having any expectations. This is for sure one of the best products in our large collection!!!


I had seen the question several times asking if you needed to be completely shaved so when I decided I was going to buy one I let myself get a little fuzzy. And the answer is no you don’t have to be shaved, though it is better if you are. The suction is lost a little easier if you have fur but not completely. It will take a tad bit longer. Be sure when you do start to pump for the first time don’t try to go all porn star on yourself. Take your time. Allow your body to learn what it’s going to be doing and it will be much more rewarding an experience. By the third time my hubby and i had pumped I was filling up the cup and sensation was incredible. Don’t expect mind blowing changes first rattle out of the box, but it will happen pretty quickly if you are just patient and give your body a chance to get used to it. You need to leave the suction on to whatever degree you are comfortable for about 20 mins or even longer to actually achieve the enlargement you are attempting. Just a couple of pumps for a few minutes is not going to enlarge nor allow it to last. The more often you do it the more sensitive you will become. I will say after the first and second time we used it I was tender right where the cup was placed. The cup itself is very rigid and has zero give. All that being said happy pumping!!!


THIS WORKS!!! Suction is very very strong but be careful because it really does suction! Have had no issues with the seal. Once its pumped a couple of times, it will self-stick. After a minute, pump again to maintain suction. I wouldn’t recommend pumping too often, it is guaranteed to make your bits SORE if over used! 8-0.


We have tried a number of toys but this is by far my wife’s favourite. It may seem quite different than the normal penetrating toys but it is by far more exciting. She gets off so fast after using this.


Have been using this pump for around a year now and I love it! It takes a little positioning at first, but when it’s in the right place it’s amazing. Brilliant to use during foreplay. The sight of watching your pussy swell is such a turn-on. It also makes everything feel tighter and more sensitive. That’s never a bad thing!


I was a bit apprehensive about buying a pussy pump as my boyfriend wasn’t keen on the idea. It came quickly and in discreet packaging. But it’s safe to say best investment I’ve ever made. It makes everything so sensitive, and the boyfriend loves it. It’s also really easy to use and the suction is great. If you’re thinking about buying one – definitely do!


At first, it’s a little bit painful. Though I am a lightweight when it comes to pain. I also have to keep my legs pretty far apart as well as elevate my pelvis to keep the cup from losing any suction. This part of the routine sucks, as it can get pretty uncomfortable after a while. After 30ish minutes, the swelling really starts to show and from here is where the good stuff begins. The effects will linger for a day or so. It’s a mixed feeling. On the one hand, it makes things way more sensitive. On the other hand, I find that my labia can get pretty swollen and sore sometimes especially from aggressive pumping. Overall, it’s pretty fun, and I like the way that my partner attacks me after pumping.

My beautiful and loving wife has never had a very sensitive clit and she says this has gotten worse since having children. A few years ago I found out about female pumping so I got a cheap set and we gave it a go. She was in total control the entire time and she said that it was hurting so it only lasted a few minutes. I’ve done a bit of penis and nipple pumping on myself for the last couple of months with great results so I brought up the conversation and she agreed to give clit pumping another try. This time I took the control and I took things really slowly. She has quite small inner lips on her vagina and a fairly small clitoris as well but whilst being pumped she swelled up really nicely and after about 25 minutes it was nice and plump and we had a really good play session. We had a conversation afterwards and she said it was mildly more sensitive afterwards but felt nothing at all while being pumped.


It is the weirdest sensation but more pleasurable than painful. I managed two full squeezes before the lip of the cup felt like it was trying to dig into my skin. I looked down to see all my intimate parts had filled the cup very nicely. I left the cup on for about 25 minutes after which time my husband came and joined me. When he removed the cup, although only my clitoris has swollen, he looked very excited. Any slight touch felt like heaven, it was so sensitive down there.

My fiancé bought me this one and I didn’t hold out much hope in it working due to the several bad experiences prior but I was pleasantly surprised! First of all, I noticed how well it was made, sturdy, good strong pipe and a good pump. Secondly, it fits! Finally, a cup that fits me. I managed to get a great suction and then spent the next hour, slowly pumping my pussy until I filled the entire cup.

I had some slight tenderness to the pelvic bone in between my legs but that’s to be expected and the results certainly outweighed that slight con.

My pussy was pumped to the max! So wobbly, so swollen and so sensitive and not to mention dripping wet. It made sex feel much more intense and made my fiancé’s cock feel bigger!

No faults, it’s perfect!



My partner used this on me. First try a little uncomfortable as it was exactly in line with entrance hole and it caused a pinching sensation when pumped a certain amount.

With better alignment the second time we had a much better experience. It does feel slightly odd (like a suction pad pulling all your skin up), but once it has been on there for a little while the blood all pumps to your clit and if you release it then, your sensitivity is heightened and you can have the most amazing orgasm.

My partner also said pussy looks amazing when inside the pump and swollen up.



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How To Find Pussy Pumps Online!

Vacuum Devices

There are many interesting and unique sexual aides on the adult market. Some are considered to be outrageous, others have a practical purpose, and some are very confusing to understand until you’ve read about them. Pussy pumps and vaginal pumps fall into this latter category. So what is a vaginal pump? To put it simply, a vaginal pump works in pretty much the same way as a penis pump for men. The vaginal pump elongates the genital area, promotes blood flow and is used to enhance the genitals by tightening the labia minora, and vagina, which in turn makes a male’s penis feel tighter and bigger when inside the vagina.

A pussy pump is placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clitoris for the maximum amount of stimulation. Once the air is pumped out of the pump the pussy muscles contract and it is often considered to be a mini workout for your vagina.


There are several different models and designs of the pussy pump which stimulate the pussy and may be able to provide an orgasm to the person using them. The problem is this; in a similar vein to thecock pump which helps with erectile dysfunction, many vaginal pumps have not been tested adequately enough or they may be a cheap generic knock off version designed as a novelty use only without any of the medical benefits of vaginal pumping. Vaginal pumping promotes blood flow, it can change the appearance of the vagina, and cheaper knock off versions and novelty implements cannot guarantee that your vagina will become tighter over any period of time.

The LA pumping System is one of the most widely recognized pumping systems in the world. Indeed, the LA Pumping system, as well as other branded systems, are recognized by the United States Medicare System as being of benefit to people’s health and well-being. In the years between 2006 and 2011, the United States Medicare system spent more than one hundred and seventy million dollars on penis pumping systems. Since vaginal pumping systems work on the same technology, then it would be a fair statement to make that the technology used would have some benefits, else the government would have refused the funding. It is important to note that Medicare, and Insurance agencies still fund the cost of Vacuum Devices across the world.

Apart from Pussy Pumps there are other pumping systems for females such as for the clitoris, nipple or breasts. The nipple and Vaginal pumps work in very similar ways, that being the promotion of blood flow to the genital region for stimulation, increased size, and increased sensitivity. The breast cylinders are purely used for enlarging breasts via a vacuum method but both the clitoral and nipple systems enlarge their respective organs making them more sensitive and increasing stimulation and sexual desire.

Be A Little Game And Enhance Your Sex Life With These Interesting Products.

Pussy pumping and clitoral pumping have proven medical benefits and are recommended by Doctors and Therapists to cure many female sexual problems such as the condition of Anorgasmia.  Clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation can also be achieved in post-menopausal women with the correct use of pussy or clitoral vacuum systems.

Vaginal pumping or commonly known as pussy pumping was once a taboo subject among women.  This sensual activity has many pleasurable and proven health benefits and women are taking advantage of this more openly than ever before. Not only does a woman get extreme pleasure from pumping and the subsequent ‘sucking’ sensation on the clitoris but the added bonus of an engorged vulva and clit make sexual activities more exciting and sensitive areas more tender, susceptible and receptive to the sense of touch. Women may use pussy pumping as a masturbation device or to aid with clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation. Users have even reported a tighter sensation as well as the increased ability to orgasm after their vaginal pumping workout. Some may see vaginal pumping as an adult toy but vaginal pumping is now becoming a vaginal workout that has been seen to have the same benefits to women and their sexual health and lifestyle in a similar way that Kegel ball exercises have proven to be useful and beneficial.

Just like how a man uses a penis pump, there are specially designed attachments made exclusively for use on the vaginal area, clitoris, breasts and nipples. These cylinders are designed to assist with a powerful airflow to help enlarge the desired area by creating a strong suction which helps expand the desired area. Over time users will notice prolonged growth in the pumped area and will experience a heightened sensation to the touch after pumping.



Use A Vibrating Vaginal Pump For Ultimate Female Pleasure

People may still think this is a taboo act, but the benefits really do outweigh the cons and once you discover this amazing feeling for yourself, you will ask yourself why I haven’t started this earlier. A common misconception is that pussy pumping will damage the vagina or hurt the user. Users will experience growth of the pumped areas which will reside back to normal shortly after pumping has concluded. This experience should not cause discomfort, but rather tremendous pleasure that’s hard to mimic using other adult toys.

Woman have been taking advantage of pussy pumping so they may enjoy larger body proportions which are easily achievable by the use of a pussy pump. Both men and women enjoy the engorged look and feel of the clitoris and vaginal area and the increased pleasure that comes from the result of more blood flow. Pumping may help users reach climax easier due to the increased blood flow to the larger clitoris and vaginal area. These are exciting benefits for both ladies and couples to embark on the mental, physical and spiritual experiences that are brought forth with by using a pussy pump.

The main goal of pussy pumping is the expanded look and feel of the engorged genitals and to provide women with heighten sensations during sex or masturbation.

How To Use A Pussy Pump!

pussy pumped

Pussy pumps. Even the way the name rolls off the tongue makes them seem a little outlandish. Seemingly an ostentatiously named women’s sexual device that only the most sexually deviant of women would purchase and use. It almost seems that a nymphomaniac and sexually charged women might seem to purchase them based on the imagery that is usually associated with such a sexual device. However, as with many of the sexual aides out there, the vaginal pump has a seemingly bad reputation with many people ignoring the benefits that they can actually provide. Indeed, there are many doctors around the world, as well as gynaecologists which will actively use and recommend these devices for their patients to treat a variety of sex related ailments. Pussy pumps offer advantages and benefits that only they can provide and which no other sexual aide can assist with.




Firstly, the use of a pussy pump can aid in women’s stimulation, and secondly, it can give a tighter sensation during sexual activity. An advantage that had previously been limited to costly cosmetic surgery such as vaginal rejuvenation. The pussy pump, like its revered cousin the penis pump can engorge the tissue surrounding the labia, clitoris and vagina and produce not only a larger look, but increase the level of blood flow in the surrounding tissue to make orgasms more achievable. This tissue expansion, as well as the increased blood flow is what is responsible for better orgasms, stronger orgasms and the ability to correct some sexual dysfunctions that normally occur in women. Further, the use of pussy pump can enhance for couples through vaginal penetrative intercourse for both the female, and her sexual partner. Meaning that you might use couples toys in the bedroom, but this particular toy is used before sex to enhance the rest of the evening. The possibilities are endless.

The art of pussy pumping does involve a strong suctioning of the desired area to promote enlargement and increased blood flow.  This is achieved with a suction cylinder and hand pump, which are found in all Adult Lifestyle Centres and other adult shops.

Before using a vaginal pump it is recommended that you speak to your doctor and or your gynaecologist to determine if you have any sensitivity issues. Especially if you are suffering from a condition such as secondary anorgasmia, any medical conditions affecting your libido, and your sexual pleasure, need to be ruled out before you can engage in this kind of sexual activity. The incorrect use of a vaginal or clitoral pump can cause harm and or damage.

Especially if you are experiencing any form of recurring pain, it is important to speak to your medical professional first. The engorgement of the vaginal tissue will increase sensitivity, and may result in you feeling the pain in a more pronounced fashion. Don’t take the chance, seek medical advice if you are experiencing any form of pain, and discomfort during sexual activity before turning to the use of a clitoral or vaginal pump.




From here you will need to trim, and or shave. The presence of hair can cause a disruption in the pumps ability to form a suction, and for the most ideal of situations, you will need to be able to find the best level of suction that you can. A thick water based lubricant, or the use of a thick Vaseline will ensure that you are able to get the best suction that you possibly can. Some of the suction cups will be made from a silicone material, if your chosen lubricant that you normally use is a silicone you might not be able to use the silicone lubricant this particular cup. Silicone lubricant is generally considered to be a very thin lubricant and is perfect for anal play and steel sex toys, but can’t be used with high quality silicone toys. So either way we will still be recommending the use of a thick water based lubricant as it will give you the best opportunity to create a good and solid suction.

To begin, it is important to get into a good comfortable position, preferably with your hips spread apart and the user on their backside. If you have a little trouble with the angling, then perhaps you could reposition yourself onto a pillow or two to help raise your hips. You don’t necessarily have to do this on a bed, you could position yourself to be next to a floor length mirror to help guide you into the correct position using the reflection. Achieving the initial suction could be a bit challenging at first and finding the correct size cylinder is of vital important. Cylinders that are too small will not cover the whole area and the desired results will not happen. Cylinders that are too large may reach your anus and suction the sensitive and delicate skin around the anus, which may cause discomfort.  In general the cylinder should be placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clit for maximum stimulation. An airtight seal is required to ensure maximum results.

The pussy pump is gently placed over the labia, and the resulting suction and vacuum that the device produces aids in the redirection of blood flow with the surrounding tissue. The resulting swelling that occurs can then improve the tissues sensations and experiences as well as provide increased sensitivity during such activities as cunnilingus and penetrative intercourse. The increased sensation as a result of the engorged feeling will make every tongue stroke during cunnilingus to be far more pronounced, imagine the feeling and sensation of light feather strokes dusting the vaginal entrance as opposed to using a piece of string. The sensations are just enhanced. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe, because most people are used to a particular kind of sensation, and now that you’ve engorged the surrounding tissue with the labia and vagina, then the sensation is going to be different. Stronger, and more pronounced. Kind of like the difference between engaging in sexual activity when you’re not quite feeling it but going along with the flow as opposed to when you’re highly aroused, in the mood and every single stroke feels like a wildfire of passion and pleasure.

Place the open end of the suction cup over the labia in order to create an air tight seal. You will need to make sure at this point of two things. Firstly that the quick release valve is working correctly, as well as the quick release valve is closed and not allowing any air to escape. Once this has been done, squeeze the bulb or handle, depending on the type of pump you are using. Pump until there is a light vacuum seal and you can feel that the skin is being stretched slightly. If you’re struggling to be able to find a seal, re-position the pump, and try again. If you’re still struggling to find a seal, make sure that your body is in an appropriate position so that all creases are relatively flat, and alternatively, ensure that you are pressing lightly down on the cup against the body.

During the first pump, ideally only squeeze the hand pump half way to ensure the positioning around the vagina and confirm the start of a light suction is happening. If not, keep manoeuvring the cylinder around until you get suction happening in the correct position. If needed, a light push on the cylinder towards the body may help create the initial suction. If you’re still having trouble after this, then you might to reapply a water-based lubricant or thick Vaseline along the seal of the cylinder which will help create/maintain suction.




Once the suction is properly maintained, users have reported both a sensual and unique feeling unobtainable by the traditional adult toy. Pumps therefore are a unique adult toy that are responsible for incredibly different sensations and are the perfect reason why you should immediately head to your local quality adult boutique store and get your hands one some. With each additional pump, users will start to feel the sensation of their Labia Minora (vaginal lips) being sucked and expanding with the suction. Using a pump is more intense than a partner performing oral sex because the sensation is spread over the entire area and not directed in one particular area. After the first few pumps, allow yourself to feel the clitoris get erect and feel the unique sensations that are only obtainable with a pussy pump. This should be very pleasurable due to the increased blood circulation and there shouldn’t be any pain associated with this process.

After the initial first experiences, more advanced pumpers may pump harder and at a faster pace to be taken to their limits. Once at your individual limit, release the air valve and let the pumped area intake with non-pressurised air. Ensure you release the air flow often and then start again. Repeating the process does feel pleasurable and you will not lose any of the pumped benefits you have achieved already with the previous pumps. Constant suction can be too much for these sensitive areas. It is advised to play around but to know your limits, while trying to expand more without causing harm or damage.

Each additional pump would feel more intense then the last, as it would be a similar experience with using a penis pump. Try holding each additional pump for 30 seconds to a minute for an intensely pleasurable sensation. Constant suction on the vagina or clit by multiple repeated hand pumps may cause discomfort or pain, but rest assured some users may enjoy the discomfort and pain. If you’ve ever used a penis pump on your partner, or you’re a male and have used a penis pump before, then it’s a very similar technique that you’re using between the two pumps. Realistically you’re going for similar effects. So remember to pump slowly, hold that in for a period of time, release the suction, and then continue

Users will experience a pumped up look after a prolonged amount of time pumping usually after the 30+ minute mark. With a standard pussy pump, you won’t get that dramatically huge look that you may see in porn, but you will notice a reasonable difference in size, at least double the usual size if you maintained the suction and were pumping for a while. This may bring you to the point of edging and help produce an orgasm.

If you’ve read the user manual, some products will describe and tell you to pump until the vacuum feels uncomfortable, this is incorrect. You should remain comfortable at all times. What you’re trying to do is promote blood flow into the vaginal area. Squeeze a few times until you can visibly see the skin swelling, and then hold that position for about 30 seconds or so. Once you have counted to 30, release the quick valve, and repeat.




After you have finished pumping, release the air flow valve releasing the pressurised air. This is now when you will experience the benefits of pussy pumping. The recently pumped areas are extremely sensitive to the touch and look visibly bigger. Try gently touching the pumped areas and notice the increased stimulation in that area compared to before pumping. Vaginal pumping has the potential to make women orgasm due to the increased blood flow and sensitivity brought upon using the pump. Be gentler than your usual technique because of how much more sensitive the pumped area is. The pumped area will appear larger for only a slight amount of time before returning to its original size. Don’t panic, there’s a lot of people out there who simply love plumped up and fat women.

If you desire a longer lasting, larger appearance, you will have to pump at regular intervals. Try pumping for a period of 15 minutes every 2-3 days until you get the desired size maintainable. It is like going to the gym to work out any muscle. Simply going to the gym and lifting any weight only once will not produce any desired results. It will take time and consistency; however, there will be a noticeable result over time.

After use, remove the cylinder from the connected air pump and properly rinse off using your favorite anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner.

  • Pumps will assist in engorging vaginal tissue for enhanced sensitivity and vaginal tightness
  • Pumps will require the use of lubrication to avoid discomfort and dryness.
  • Pumps can create discomfort or pain in women with pre-existing vaginal pain and discomfort issues.

Q: Can I Injure Myself Using Pumps?

A: Not likely, but if you do experience vaginal discomfort, pain or sensitivity issues, using a pump can exacerbate this situation.

Q: What If I Experience Clitoris Insensitivity, May I Use These Pumps?

A: Yes, these pumps can increase your sensitivity, and when combined with clitoral stimulation, can improve your sensation.

Plastic Surgery For The Vagina!

Pussy Face Lift

Vaginoplasty surgery is another common type of surgery that is for both the vaginal canal and the tissues surrounding the vaginal canal. This procedure involves the strengthening of the muscles and tissues while removing any excess and damaged lining from the vaginal canal.  It is also a common thread with the rising trend of designer vagina’s.




There are two ways that this treatment can be undertaken – it might be undertaken as either a medically required reconstructive surgery, or as an elective and cosmetic surgery. The reconstructive version is generally judged to be a medical necessity and is used as a result when the vaginal canal or its associated structures have been damaged or are absent. This results from one of two scenarios; firstly a birth defect or congenital cause such as vaginal atresia, or as a result of an acquired circumstance such as illness from cancer or a physical trauma as a result of an accident or injury. If the vaginal surgery has been performed to specifically reconstruct, or to construct the vulva and vaginal system, then it is referred to as neo vaginoplasty surgery.

If a surgery has been performed for the purpose to specifically reshape and tighten the muscles and lining of the vaginal canal either for the purpose of a younger appearance, or to correct any implications resulting from birth – then it is coined as a vaginal reconstruction and is considered to be a cosmetic reconstruction and as a result is an elective surgical procedure.

To put it simply, the above surgery can be referred to as a face lift for the vagina, and unless there have been severe complications which has resulted in damage being given to the vaginal canal through a trauma or difficult pregnancy, it is considered to be cosmetic and is usually referred to as a vaginal rejuvenation, especially when combined with the procedure Labiaplasty.

Previously, procedures and surgery that involved the vagina were developed to treat and repair vaginal birth defects. These conditions included:

  • Müllerrian agenesis or aplasia
  • Vaginal agenesis
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia



This woman goes through her story of having vaginal agenesis, which is a condition developed before birth. It is a cause of many issues which include a small uterus, or more commonly the complete absence of a uterus. It’s a comforting story designed to give freedom and hope to women with similar health issues.

These conditions were important to repair and correct so that young women would be able to grow up and have the ability to urinate normally, have a menstrual cycle and could be given the opportunity to engage and enjoy sexual activity and intercourse as an adult. These types of surgeries, which are used to correct dysfunction have always been looked upon favorably by gynecologists and doctors because these surgeries and the outcomes of these surgeries have been extensively studied and their effectiveness evaluated on both in terms of success as well as the safety for the patients.

There are several medical and congenital conditions which may require medical intervention to correct. Such surgery will help enable an individual to enjoy an active and enjoyable sex life. Individuals might have been born with such condition, or they might have been subjected to an accident or trauma which has resulted in such an outcome. Such surgeries are always recognised and approved by gynaecologists and doctors and will almost always be partially or fully paid by health insurance.



is a condition which occurs when the vagina or a women stops developing before it has been completed. This is caused as a result of the failure of the vaginal plate to form a canal. It is a congenital disorder which will affect one in every 6,000 women and will require neovaginoplasty surgery in order to correct it.


Vaginal Aplasia:-

is a condition where there has been an incomplete development, or even the complete absence of, the vagina and/or uterus of a female. Also described as a congenital disorder, neovaginoplasty is the solution for this issue.


Müllerrian Agenesis:-

is also a congenital disorder. This is a disorder which sees the Müllerrian duct fail to develop properly. As a result, no uterus will develop and there will be various malformations throughout the entire vaginal region.

Within the last decade or so, vaginoplasty surgery has evolved into a specific set of cosmetic procedures that both plastic surgeons and cosmetic gynaecologists have been marketing as the rise of the designer vagina. It makes sense in a way, we’ve spent the better part of the past decade breaking the taboo of the vibrator industry so now you can put luxury and designer vibrators into your designer vagina! These procedures are designed to tighten up a vaginal canal that has experienced age, or from the effects of childbirth and sometimes both. It is usually combined with labiaplasty surgery to create an all-round face lift.

Vaginal tightening surgery has no real functional purpose. Some surgeons and gynocologists who perform and recommend the surgery make the claim that it can improve sexual sensitivity and satisfaction. However, the primary aim of the surgery is to fundamentally change the aesthetics and appearance of the normal anatomy to create a look and feel that makes you feel better and happier about your own body.

Doctors are proclaiming the same benefits from these procedures that other cosmetic surgeries offer to provide, being:

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Comfort
  • Getting more pleasure from life.
  • Building intimacy between partners

Plastic surgeons, doctors and gynaecologists who offer and recommend these procedures will often market them as “vaginal rejuvenation” surgeries. These surgeries have been designed to tighten muscles that are considered loose, and which have resulted in the ability to feel less friction and ultimately satisfaction during sexual activity and intercourse. The surgery might also be used to correct feelings of vaginal sagging and heaviness that will often lead women to feeling uncomfortable and potentially developing incontinence.

There are many women who undergo these surgeries in order to enhance their genitalia’s appearanceas well as to rekindle their own sexuality and femineity and improve their physical and mental health and well-being. Having a child can be difficult especially after the tremendous stretching that occurs during a natural childbirth. A woman’s vagina and sexual organs will not seem as tight again as it was before a small human being has pushed their little heads and bodies through it. However, there can be complications. Some women experience more than just vaginal loosening, indeed they might suffer vaginal prolapse and require treatment to correct the problem.




Ageing could also be responsible for causing sagging and muscle laxity, reducing one’s ability to feel as much sensation as before during intercourse. This can result in an increasing level of reduced sexual satisfaction and can be a valid reason for vaginal tightening surgery. When lovers are not experiencing enough friction throughout sexual intercourse it can cause issues between and within partners.


Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Can Increase Tightness And Thereby Increase Friction.

One of the issues that people have with vaginal rejuvenation is the concept of what is normal. Normal is a very hard word to actually define, take a look at a variety of sexual practices and behaviours. Some people will enjoy missionary sex, other people require a variety of different tools and implements to help them with arousal, and some might even like to have their penis or vagina locked up behind a cage!

The thing is that women’s genitalia, like men’s, have an exceptionally wide range of naturally occurring aesthetics and appearances which are all considered to be anatomically correct. In that regard, there is no right or wrong appearance for an ideal labia and vagina.

Yet our society is often appearance and sex focused. Women and men are continually bombarded with images in popular culture and television, Facebook, twitter and a wide range of differing mediums. Everywhere you look, there are repeated idealised versions of beauty and what is considered to be the perfect woman. This is partly why Labiaplasty surgeries and vaginoplasty surgeries for cosmetic reasoning are on the rise. These surgeries are appealing to individuals who are obsessed with younger appearances and women who are asking surgeons and doctors to reshape their labia’s to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes this is driven from the mothers of young daughters, other timers because a young woman has developed a complex or is suffering from anxiety because their sexual partner refuses to slep with such ‘ugly’ genitalia, and other times driven by mental health disorders and body dysmorphia or from people suffering from anxiety in regards to their appearance.

For women who are experiencing a reduction in sexual pleasure as a result of vaginal muscles losing their tightness – they have reported great results and success from such activities such as vaginal pumping and vaginoplasty surgery. After such activities they have resumed sexual relations upon recovery and have reported greater sexual pleasure than before. But it’s not necessarily just about the physical effects as well, as you will be aware people are fickle creatures when it comes to sex and sexual performance, and mental blocks can prove to be a major factor with sexual performance. A woman who has been feeling insecure about her appearance and the aesthetics of her vagina might feel uplifted and relieved upon having surgery and therefore will be able to apply herself to the moment more.

Health insurance will not be able to cover cosmetic vaginal procedures. Nevertheless, it is better to choose a reputable surgeon with knowledge and experience and whom has a number of good references. Even if that surgeon costs a little more than others – it is important not to choose a surgeon solely based on their low cost. Quality of the surgical results and your inevitable satisfaction is far more important (and safer) than skimping on price.

There are some specific risks involved in these types of surgeries.

The Most Common Include:-

  • Post-surgical bleeding
  • Post-surgical infection
  • Post-surgical scarring
  • Ongoing pain
  • Smoking will generally increase infection risks and will impede healing: it is advised to stop smoking at least a month before surgery.


Other Risks Include:-

  • Temporary and/or permanent changes in genital sensations (in poorly done surgeries there can be decreased clitoral and vaginal sensations)
  • Dyspareunia (painful vaginal contractions and intercourse)
  • Tissue adhesions
  • Hypersensitivity in the clitoris – sounds fun but it really isn’t
  • Pudendal Neuralgia (chronic pain in the pelvis resulting from the entrapment of this nerve following pelvic surgery)



Story of a woman who has extreme hypersensitivity in the clitoris and suffers from over 50 orgasms every day. She tells her story of her treatment, he ability to navigate through a relationship and just how difficult her life was before this.

If a woman has learned and is understanding of the risks and has come to the conclusion of realistic expectations of the surgery then she is almost ready to have the surgery. The final thing that needs to be done is to have the surgeon vetted carefully, and once that has been done, then she is ready for the procedure.

Most genital cosmetic surgeons for women will offer a free consultationfor those that are considering surgery on their vagina. If the woman debates this decision ahead of time and then writes down all questions and concerns that she might have before going to the appointment then she will be in a much better place to cover all of these questions with her doctor, she will have all the information she needs to make an informed decision about whether or not this surgery is right for her.



When it concerns your sexuality and your genitals, then now is not the time to be shy about asking the hard questions. Here are some sample questions to help you with starting your own list:

  • What are the medical and social benefits of this procedure?
  • Are there any potential short term complications and risks?
  • What are the long term risks?
  • Will I be experiencing any reduction of clitoral or vaginal sensation as a result of this surgery?
  • How will my ability to have and experience an orgasm be affected by this surgery?
  • Once I completely recover from the surgery, will there be restrictions on my use of tampons/other feminine hygiene products?
  • Will this surgery affect my ability to become pregnant or successfully carry a child to term?
  • Will this surgery have any affect my ability to deliver a baby?
  • How many vaginoplasty procedures have you done?
  • How long will the vaginoplasty procedure take?
  • Where will it be done?
  • Will I be awake or under anaesthetic during the procedure?
  • How long does the recovery period take?
  • How long will I be unable to work for?
  • Do you offer a payment plan?

Right, so you have now chosen your surgeon and scheduled your vaginoplasty surgery. At least a month before your procedure, you need to stop smoking (if you smoke). Smoking will reduce your levels of oxygenation and it can contribute to blood loss as well as slowing down healing.

Your surgeon will provide your unique and tailored pre-operative instructions for you. It is extremely important to follow all of them to ensure the best level of success for your surgery. A little known fact is that the surgery must be timed to take place at the end of your menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, it cannot be done while you are under the effects of having your period. The reason for this is fairly simple, if it is timed to take place right after the end of your cycle, the surgical wounds and incisions will be healed before your next period begins. This will prevent any irritation by the blood flow.

Before your surgery you will be given a physical, you will also have some blood work done and you will be briefed in regards to the procedure, the risks, and the post-operative period. You’ll also need to prepare for your recovery period following your surgery so that you can have as smooth as an experience as possible. If you are living alone, you will need to arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up, and drive you home from the surgery. You’ll also need

Get organized for your recovery period before your surgery for a smooth return home and a more comfortable recovery period. If you live alone, arrange now for a friend or family member to drive you home the day of the surgery.



You will need at least a week’s worth of food in the house following your surgery. Maximum rest time will be administered to you to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. Ensure that the house is clean and all major chores have been completed. This includes cleaning the house, ensuring that the laundry has been done, clean sheets have been applied to the bed so that you can immediately get some rest.

Set up your rest station (couch or bed) with important items such as books, magazines, tissues, water, phone chargers etc. Well rested patients will be able to recover from their surgery at a much faster rate

It would be best to wear loose and comfortable clothes to the to the surgery for your procedure. Someone will also need to accompany you to drive you home afterwards, or have an arrangement where they can pick you up. Unless there are unforeseen complications it is unlikely that you will be required to stay overnight. The procedures are fairly simple and quick, with most surgeries being completed within a couple of hours.

Depending on you and your surgeon your surgery will be performed under conscious sedation or general anesthetic. Conscious sedation is a term that is used when a short acting medication is applied. Usually this is diprivan which is also known as propofol. Diprivan is a drug which will keep you asleep but will let you awaken from the procedure as soon as it has been stopped given to you. You should advise your doctor regarding diprivan if you are allergic to eggs or egg products, soybeans or soy produce.


Controversy Surrounding Vaginal Plastic Surgery:-

There’s a lot of controversy around vaginal plastic surgery and there is certainly a healthy level of scepticism regarding the benefits of the surgery. The reason for this is pretty simple – there is a lack of any scientific studies and data which report on the effectiveness of these procedures. Some of the procedures have not been evaluated for inclusion within peer reviewed medical journals and some organisations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are accepted as normal and routine surgical procedures.

For these reasons, ACOG considers them to be largely unproven, some of these medical procedures will offer surgical procedures that have been modified from vaginal surgery where standard medical nomenclature isn’t used. The primary concern of the board is that any individual considering any of these procedures needs to be informed about the absence of scientific data concerning these surgeries before making their decision.



There is also concern emanating from women’s groups who are highly concerned that young women, and women in their late teens, are succumbing to societal pressure in having Labiaplasty surgery so as to conform with ‘accepted’ looks and values. This social pressure results in them cosmetically altering their appearance to suit popular aesthetics as opposed to receiving proper sexual education and given the understanding that all women are different and that there is no accepted normal value for vaginal aesthetics. Boys are a little different in this regard, with their genitals on the outside, and with public toilets, change rooms, locker rooms and what not boys will have often have a greater chance than women to observe their peers and to get an understanding of appearances from their peers.

There are many therapists, counsellors and family GP’s whom are highly concerned that young women and late teenagers are being pressured by a hard sell by the commercialised plastic surgery community which plays on peoples anxieties and into becoming unhappy and discontent with themselves when they do not need to be.

Vaginal plastic surgery was once considered to be the domain of individualswith whom had specific medical needs that warranted vaginal construction and reconstruction. Now the surgical procedure had been modified and made ideal for the modern and confident woman who knows her own body with all its needs and wants, and has the plans to correct unwanted issues that age and child bearing have brought about in her feminine parts.

This procedure can correct a loss of sensation and stimulation during sexual intercourse. It can also help with a penetrative partner slipping out of the vagina during intercourse, as well as alleviating any ‘loose’ sensation, and the inability to keep a tampon in place during the day. There’s a difference between needing this type of surgery and wanting this type of surgery, a woman will want the surgery as it can help improve her quality of life and that she understands and accepts the risks involved in order to achieve this. It should be noted however, that vagina surgeries and procedures for the rejuvenation of the vagina are not intended as a blanket cure all to fix sexual dysfunction.

Sex will not be instantly fixed overnight. It doesn’t instantly transform your sexual experiences into something that’s amazing and perfect. The procedures can help with the improvement of your sex life, your quality of life, and the satisfaction that you get with the appearance of your new and intimate parts.